It Was A Sound

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It Was A Sound

A Tribute To Johnny Hodges

What if you found out that someone had left you a precious gift? Someone you had never met yet somehow felt like you had known forever. Wouldn't you want the chance to thank them for it?

It Was a Sound is a collection of music and stories inspired by the life and playing style of the great Johnny Hodges. Twelve original compositions for Alto Saxophone & Piano are paired with twelve short stories about Hodges, his life in jazz and his quirky way of being.

Through playing the music and reading the stories, music lovers will gain a deeper understanding of the roots of Jazz Music and its cultural legacy. You already owe something to Johnny Hodges, even if you do not yet realise it.

This book is suitable for Alto Saxophone players of Grades 1-5 standard, with illustrations by Kareen Cox and a foreword by Julian Joseph OBE.


It Was A Sound features illustrations by the amazing Kareen Cox.

Kareen Cox, is a muti-disciplinary creative. Her skillset covers graphic design, digital illustration and photography. Her designs often feature bright colours, and she particularly enjoys exploring portraiture, typography, and geometric elements.

Some of her career highlights include a solo showcase of her art, talking to school-aged students at a careers fair, designing two Royal Mail stamps, and even appearing on BBC News to talk about them. With over two decades of experience in graphic design, she's collaborated with various organisations on advertising campaigns, corporate branding, and marketing materials. To view more of her work visit her website or follow her on Instagram.

Audio Recordings

It Was A Sound was recorded on April 08, 2024 at West London Music Studio. The recordings feature rising star saxophonist Wren Clark, and piano heavyweight Professor Robert Mitchell.

Wren Clark

Wren Clark is a rising alto saxophonist, clarinettist and flautist. In December 2023, they were offered a scholarship to study Jazz at The Royal Academy of Music. Wren currently studies with Tony Kofi and the Julian Joseph Jazz Academy. At just 18 years old at time of recording this tribute to Johnny Hodges, they had previously performed at the London Jazz Festival, at prestigious venues including the 606 Club and the Clore Ballroom, Southbank Centre.

Prof. Robert Mitchell

Over his 30 plus years entrenched in the art of music, Robert Mitchell has released 13 albums of his own projects, participated in over 100 projects as a sideman, has performed/toured in 40 countries and is achieving a growing reputation as an inspirational educator. Robert was conferred the title of professor in June 2022 (from Guildhall School of Music/Drama). He has been a Steinway Artist since 2009.

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Audio recordings, further reading and teaching support materials are available from the Discover page. Here are some quick links to the essential resources.


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