Listen To 'It Was A Sound'

Stream 'It Was A Sound - A Tribute To Johnny Hodges' on Spotify below, or buy from iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Recording Credits

Wren Clark (Saxophone)
Prof. Robert Mitchell (Piano)
Tom Harrison (Producer)
Recorded at West London Music Studio on April 08, 2024

How to Use The Audio Files

The pieces of music in 'It Was A Sound' do not strictly follow the traditional progression of increasing technical difficulty, but rather encourage students to use their musical gifts to build an additional emotional connection to the literary themes in the book.

For less experienced students some pieces will be out of reach. They are nonetheless encouraged to read all the stories in the book and listen to the guide tracks. Teachers are encouraged to play the pieces for students so they can form a connection with the words and the music.

More advanced students should be strongly encouraged to read all the stories in the book, playing the accompanying music even if they find it ‘too easy.’ Their talents give them a way to relate to the stories in a way that others cannot, and students should be encouraged to take pride in this.

Practice Tips

There are so many ways to use the audio to practise it can be a little confusing. Here are a few dos and don'ts for practising with the recordings:

  •   Do listen to the recordings as much as possible!
  •   Do sing along with the recordings to learn the melody
  •   Do sing along with the recordings while clapping the pulse
  •   Do use a program such as Transcribe! to slow down the recordings so you can play along

  •   Don't play along with the recordings at full speed right away
  •   Don't rush to play along with the recordings, take your time to embody a relaxed technique