Tom Harrison Quartet ft. Fabrice Tarel

Posted on 28 Feb 2017.

Earlier this month I played at The Vortex Jazz Club with French pianist Fabrice Tarel. The gig marked 10 years since we last played together. We managed to capture some of the concert on camera, and have put together a kind of showreel for the group. Check it out above!

Tom Harrison at The Vortex Jazz Club 2017Fabrice Tarel at The Vortex Jazz Club 2017

We were also blessed to have the incredible artist and photographer Nadjib le Fleurier down at the gig, who took some great pictures!

It was pretty surreal playing again after so long, but we had a great time! So much so that we've decided to try and do some more gigs.

We will be playing in France later in 2017, with another tour planned for April 2018. We have a pretty exciting lineup for the French gigs;

Fabrice Tarel: Piano
Tom Harrison: Alto saxophone
Michel Molines: Bass
Andy Barron: Drums

More soon!

Tom Harrison and Fabrice Tarel live at The Vortex 2017 Ⓒ Nadjib le Fleurier